Yvan Colléter

Yvan Colléter

It took me awhile before I dared to take my first yoga class in 2014. Primarily attracted to meditation – which I had discovered through my readings about Buddhism and India – I realized that my search also needed some concrete physical work, otherwise everything I was reading, even though it touched and deeply resonated into me, would have been useless. I needed to crystalize all these teachings in my body.

I was fortunate to discover Ashtanga Yoga almost from the start of my practice: challenging, physical, beyond decorum, and behind its apparent simplicity, rich with vast territories.

The AYP 200h graduation in 2016, with Linda and Gérald, gave me strong anatomic, theoretic and philosophic foundations to continue my learning.  Carrying this precious compass, among the AYP community, I continue on the Yogic path, learning every single day.

After my practice, I feel more gracious, freer and perfectly established in myself, ready to plunge into Reality. I hope to pass this on to you as well, so that Ashtanga Yoga becomes this ally and friend in the search of yourself and the expansion of your full potential.

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