Class Schedule

Please note:

  • Before registering for a class, check that your account is set up to allow email notifications* so that you receive all access codes.
  • Our virtual classes are live streamed via ZOOM. Prepare with this step-by-step guide >
  • In-person classes can be booked online (recommended), or at the studio 10-15 minutes in advance (subject to availability).
  • Classes in English: Besides Linda’s, all led classes are in French. However, all AYP teachers understand English and many are completely fluent. If you would like the teacher to give some cues in English, tell them before the class starts and go to these teachers’ classes: Céline B, Yvan, Marine, Paola, Elsa, Louise, Cyrielle, Elisabetta, Nancy or Alick.

Weekly classes overview (PDF):  July – August 2024. Please refer to the schedule above for updates, details and registration. 

Registration issues? 
– Make sure that your browser is up to date: here’s a list of supported browsers
– You can sign up at the studio (15 minutes before class) or try directly through MindBody online: use the MB scheduler >>
– Please contact us if the problem persists

* Please note: The MindBody App doesn’t allow us to modify the ticks nor sends notifications by SMS, so do not tick SMS/text until MB fixes the problem.