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Good to know: if you have ever purchased classes at the studio, then you have a student account already.
– Forgot your password? Click on “My account” below and then “créer un nouveau mot de passe” (create a new password)
– Forgot your username (email)? Contact us to recover your account
– Your account has been inactive for over a year? Contact us reactivate your account
– Completely new student? Welcome! You can .

Important: when you set up your account, make sure to activate notifications so that we can email* to you all the important information you’ll need to participate in a class (Zoom link, access code, etc).
To allow notifications, log in to your account, in “mes infos” go to “abonnements” and select “e-mail / Gestion de compte”.

* The MindBody Application doesn’t allow us to modify the ticks nor sends notifications by SMS, so do not tick SMS/text until MB fixes the problem.