At AYP our vinyasa classes are always based on the principles of ashtanga – breath, bandha, drishti and linking breath with movement. So, if you like the principles of ashtanga but wish to do different poses every session then you can try these classes. The sequences are woven together skillfully and seamlessly making a beautiful dancing flow of yoga asanas!

If you are unfamiliar with the principles of ashtanga, start with Soft Vinyasa classes (below) or Ashtanga Vinyasa for beginners

Soft Vinyasa

This is a class open to all levels of yoga practitioners. The teacher will lead you through a gentle flowing class that soothes the nervous system while waking up the body in a kind, conscientious manner. The class can either be 1 hour or 1.5 hours, see the schedule to find the time suitable for you.


Vinyasa 1

After a short “warm up”, this becomes an invigorating, dynamic class in which the teacher mixes a practice that can change every week. It is based on the Ashtanga system, incorporating variations from primary series and poses not part of Ashtanga, balancing the offering of standing, sitting, strengthening, hip opening and backing bending positions. Modifications are offered therefore, it is open to all levels of practitioners except complete beginners. It’s a great opportunity to try new and exciting poses!

Vinyasa 2

Another invigorating, dynamic class in which more complicated poses will be presented. Again, there will be a short ‘warm up’ before diving into an inspiring flow of creative sequences. It is not a class for beginners as often the foundation of inverted poses will be introduced, requiring a certain level of alignment knowledge, along with strength and awareness.

Vinyasa 3

The last level of Vinyasa, in which the poses practiced become harder. This class can be fun, creative and challenge our ability to be present to follow the lead of the teacher since you never know what will be coming next. Inspiration for the poses come from all the different series of ashtanga: primary, intermediate, advanced and beyond. Definitely a class for those with a consistent practice and a knowledge of alignment and how to keep themselves secure and grounded while flowing through these exhilarating sequences with a steady, calm breath, and a clear, calm mind.

Vinyasa 1-2 & 2-3

These are classes mixing the levels as described above.

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