Céline Barrelet

Céline Barrelet

Painting and photography are her favorite mediums of expression. They engage her esthetic perception and reflect her approach to the body.
Since her early years, Celine has practiced dance, gymnastics and circus arts, her need for self expression and self discovery have naturally brought her to yoga and contact dance improvisation.

Her first experience of yoga dates back to 2007. She has developed a practice based on different branches of yoga and has shraed them with teenagers and children in India and Benin.

After having experimented with different styles, she has finally choosen Ashtanga, the moving meditation. She finds strength and serenity in this genuine and deep practice. A Y P teacher training has allowed her to develop a good knowledge of history, philosophy and anatomy. AYP has given her the opportunity to share her passion with high school students for the Connection Karma association.

The 8-week MBSR program on mindfulness that she attended in 2013 has given her other transformational tools to better understand notions of the present moment and meditation.

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