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We're already looking forward to Julie Gudmestad's new workshop at the studio this Spring!

"Muscle Imbalances: Using Yoga to Prevent and Heal Back Pain"

Julie is an experienced Iyengar teacher, Physical Therapist, Anatomy teacher and has written many excellent articles on Yoga magazines.You're in good hands! We highly recommend this "Yoga Therapy" type of workshop to yoga teachers and to students of all levels.

There's still time to benefit from the Early Registration discount, available until March 1st, 2020.

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Muscle imbalances around the hips, pelvis and low back can cause and contribute to back pain and injuries. On the other hand, a well-balanced yoga practice can help prevent back problems and can bring relief to students who come to class seeking help with previous injuries.

In this course, we will study important muscle groups in this area, including the psoas and hamstrings, abdominals and erector spinae, and hip abductors and adductors. We will look at common imbalances (strong vs. weak and tight vs. flexible) in these muscles and how they contribute to misalignments that set the stage for problems. Then we’ll practice yoga poses and sequences that correct imbalances, improve alignment, and relieve pain.

These will be active classes and therefore are not recommended for people with severe problems or significantly limited mobility. One year of yoga experience is suggested. Because the workshop will build progressively from start to finish, we strongly advise joining the workshop at the beginning.

*** This workshop qualifies for 16 ½ hours towards our 300-hour Flexible Format TT ***


May 30th - June 1st
Saturday, Sunday and Monday
10:00 - 12:30 & 14:00 - 17:00


Early registration (before March 1st 2020)
€250 all 3 days or €170 only 2 first days

Normal registration (after March 1st 2020)
€280 all 3 days or €190 only first 2 days

You can easily book your spot online if you're signing up for the whole workshop. :-)

Otherwise, you can fill the Registration Form and send it back to us with your payment.

* Early Bird discount is applied at check-out.
Julie began teaching yoga in 1970 when she was a student at Reed College. Introduced to Iyengar yoga in the late 70's, Julie became Iyengar certified in 1988. At that time, she opened her own studio and began to train the teachers who currently teach there.

Julie attended physical therapy school at Pacific University, graduating in 1977. She opened her private practice in 1983 and has practiced physical therapy continuously since that time. Julie has advanced training and work experience specializing in orthopedic problems, chronic pain, sports injuries and stress-related problems.

Julie's goal is to make the healing powers of yoga accessible to people of all levels and abilities. If a class moves too quickly, students may get frustrated and quit without ever receiving the healing benefits of practice. She prefers that students take progressive steps, starting with gentle poses in a beginning class. It is Julie's belief that the ability to slow down and stay present is an important aspect of healing, and that yoga encourages a mindful state that can heal people emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically.

For many years Julie has worked to integrate the healing powers of yoga with her Western medical knowledge. She has created a unique teaching style and teaches workshops, including "Anatomy Awareness in Asana" and "Yoga for Physical Therapists," throughout the U.S., Canada and in Europe. You can also see more of her work in the Yoga Journal online, where she wrote the "Anatomy of a Yogi" column for 7 years.

Julie Gudmestad interview
The last time this amazing teacher was in Paris I was fortunate to do an interview with her. I've learned so much from her over the years about anatomy and how to help all different types of bodies into yoga asana. She has been a physical therapist and certified Iyengar Yoga teacher for more than three decades! A wealth of experience and knowledge!

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