Alick Tsay

Alick Tsay

A full time architect and a full time yogi. (Yes it’s possible.)

I was born in Taiwan and grew up on three continents. Having a Buddhist family background and having received some Christian education during my teenage years, I discovered spirituality at young age. I arrived in France in 2010, initially for my studies.

Without any previous sports background, I came to my first yoga class in 2014 after suffering chronic back problems from long, bad work hours. After trying different styles of yoga here and there, I was amazed by the Ashtanga system when I discovered by chance that my arms got 2cm bigger after one week of consecutive practice (Men, take note – you can build muscle with Yoga!)
– and of course the back problem got much better.

As soon as I dived deeper into the study of yoga texts and philosophy, I felt a stronger connection to it. I am extremely lucky and grateful to have been able to finish my Ashtanga teacher training with Gérald and Linda in 2017 and to continue my practice and now teach in the studio.

My architectural instinct along with the yogic practice have brought me great interest in the structure of human body and its dynamics. I am currently deepening my anatomical studies with Linda, Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews – the co-author of Yoga Anatomy, and other internationally known experts.

I am also continuing my architectural career and my dharma as a yoga practitioner/instructor, and I sincerely hope to be able to use these two powerful tools in tandem to reach out to help more people in the world.

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