Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful companion during pregnancy; a time to build a special relationship with your baby while taking care of yourself!
The various yoga poses, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques accompany the future mother in welcoming the changes to her body and preparing for a more serene birth experience. The postures are designed to strengthen the muscles needed to support the growing baby, as well as release muscular tension and give an overall feeling of relaxation.

The class is adapted to the needs of the individual and are inspired by the method taught by Dr. de Gasquet. Living positively and serenely during these 9 months and acquiring the useful skills for the birth day of your baby.
The class is composed of strengthening exercises, breathing exercises and a long relaxation.
You are welcome to join the prenatal yoga classes from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy right until the birth. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

This class is not currently scheduled.

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