Marine Duchesnes

Marine Duchesnes

My first encounter with yoga occurred through another one of my passions: music. It was in order to work on my voice while studying at a music academy that I took my first yoga class in 2007. I rapidly started taking regular Yoga classes in Paris. At the Sivananda Centre I discovered meditation and the practice of mantras. Just as it was for music, yoga soon became a necessity for me, and then turned into a way of life. I diversified my practice out of curiosity and thirst for knowledge, but also out of a search for balance, paying close attention to my body’s needs.

As a music teacher in Parisian schools, I have always enjoyed teaching, and instructing yoga became self-evident. I took a professional course in Hatha and Vinyasa in March 2015 and started teaching in May 2015.

In January 2014, I discovered Linda Munro and Gerald Disse’s yoga studio, as well as the practice of Ashtanga which has been a true revelation for me. It helped me develop my personal practice, and it combines everything I search for in yoga. I therefore decided to deepen my knowledge by taking the Ashtanga Yoga Paris Teacher Training in 2016.

Teaching allows me to share my experience in yoga but also enhances it and makes it evolve.

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