Céline Tachon

Céline Tachon

I discovered yoga during a long stay in South America in 2011. Upon my return to Paris, I was passionate about Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, appreciating its precision, strength and fluidity. At the beginning, yoga was a diversion that I offered myself from the hectic daily life. A way for me to shut off and let go. Little by little however, with the threads of practice, Yoga became a path of how to live my life.

My passion for yoga grew, therefore in 2015, I took the teacher training with Linda and Gérald at Ashtanga Yoga Paris. I continue to learn and grow with my teachers.

My classes are dynamic and open to all. I teach yoga with softness and kindness, inviting each person to listen to their own body, breath and calm mind.

Alongside, I enriched my teaching and passion for pre and postnatal Yoga with a teacher training by Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet, so that I may accompany future mothers and their babies in a harmonious, respectful and serene practice.

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