Nancy Siam

Nancy Siam

Originally Lebanese, Nancy grew up in several countries. After leaving the NGO world, she started working in education.

Nancy began practicing Sivananda inspired Hatha yoga in 2013. During her first yoga retreat, she discovered the healing power of meditation, chanting and pranayama.

This experience made her realize there is much more to Yoga than just the physical practice. Yoga became a bigger part of her daily routine and she slowly transitioned towards a healthier more nourishing life.

She discovered Ashtanga Yoga Paris during one of their open house days and has been practicing there since. What she loves most about Ashtanga is the strong body and mind awareness it helps you develop.

After a few years of practicing and learning Yoga, Nancy decided to complete the AYP teacher training with Linda Munro and Gérald Disse. She truly believes in the benefits of Yoga and wishes to help students find what they need in the practice.

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