Lee Hwayun

Lee Hwayun

I remember my first yoga class. It was in Ubud, Bali in 2011. At the time, I knew nothing about yoga, but I felt that I have to give it a try as I was in a mecca of Yoga. The setting was beautiful- it was on the top of a Balinese traditional building, overlooking Balinese rooves and palm trees. Combined with Bali’s magnificent, peaceful sunset, it was really a perfect place for the first ever yoga practice. However, the class was very tough. I couldn’t understand how people could do all those postures. My heels wouldn’t touch the floor in Downward Facing Dog and a simple-looking posture like Dandasana was challenging to me. I wanted to leave, but my ego didn’t allow me to give up.

After all those vigorous postures, something magical happened in Savasana. I felt connected to myself more than ever before and it was almost like I could feel all nerves in my body. This feeling is what encouraged me to keep practicing.

As for Ashtanga, I discovered it when I moved back to Korea in 2012 by coincidence because the closest yoga studio was the Ashtanga Yoga Korea studio. I absolutely loved it and Ashtanga became my yoga practice. 

When I moved to Paris in 2014 to pursue a master’s degree, I became more serious about yoga and found Ashtanga Yoga Paris. Moving around so much, I needed something to ground me and a regular Ashtanga practice at AYP was a great tool. It helped me to be connected to my inner self and, as I dived deeper into it, I became interested in the philosophy behind the physical yoga practice.

Throughout my yoga journey since then, I was lucky enough to study with many wonderful teachers including Linda Munro, Gerald Disse, David Swenson (and others). Currently, I’m pursuing a 300hr teacher training at AYP to further deepen my knowledge. 

Like my teachers did, I hope to help others to discover yoga as a tool to connect with their inner self.

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