Jeanne Goubet

Jeanne Goubet

I discovered yoga when traveling in Australia in 2010, and I immediately felt a well-being sensation. Back in France, I focused my practice on ashtanga vinyasa yoga, for its dynamic and traditional aspect.

Working in stressful professional areas and having an active temper, finding inner calm was quiet difficult so I needed tools to help me! Progressively, yoga – and sophrology that I practice too – have helped me to find balance between mental, physical and breathing aspects.

My practice brought me deep benefits in my daily life, choices and relationships. Since then, I want to develop this positive force, for me and for others, on my mat as in my life.

As I’ve studied yoga at Ashtanga Yoga Paris, I’ve done my teacher training with Linda Munro and Gérald Disse. They have transmitted me the knowledges and values of yoga with humility and goodwill, that I wish to keep cultivating.

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