Chloé Machenaud

Chloé Machenaud

Ten years ago, I came back to Paris to pursue my film studies and I’ve been living here ever since, enjoying nature and all the simple things. It can be easy to let oneself be carried away by the pace of city life, gradually becoming less in tune, and forgetting what is truly good for us. I experienced my first encounter with yoga as a strong reconnection to myself. After the first couple of classes I had the feeling of being in the right place. Although at first I practiced to find physical well-being, releasing tensions that had accumulated over hours of office work, I quickly let myself be immersed in all the possibilities that this practice has to offer. I felt calmer, my breathing was smoother, I no longer felt any back pain, and above all I felt a lightness that I desired to come back to again and again. I had understood that yoga would help me to refocus, be attentive, and keep pace.

At the time, I was working for a film production company. When my contract ended, a growing need for change pushed me to travel to Mysore for my first 200H teacher training in Hatha Yoga. This step confirmed my choice to further my practice and deepen my knowledge of yoga.

Once back in Paris, I discovered the Ashtanga Yoga system which brings together refinement and precision. I decided then to register for the 200H teacher training under the tutelage of Linda Munro and Gérald Disse at Ashtanga Yoga Paris. Today, I continue to explore this demanding and incredibly transformative practice at the studio. 

I also like to practice and teach Vinyasa style yoga for its creative and fearless qualities. Recently, I have had the opportunity to discover the softness that comes with teaching Restorative yoga, as well as the beauty of being able to completely let go.
Equally curious about meditation, I pursued an eight-week introduction to mindfulness. 

The more I advance on the yogic path, the more I come to realize the extent of this practice’s richness: health benefits, general ease, a greater awareness of life, feelings of wholeness and joy, open-mindedness, a desire for improvement, confidence, quality relationships with oneself and others, exploration and search for purpose… I am grateful to have the opportunity to share and pass on all of this. Today, I am very happy to be on this path!

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