Céline Gaugain

Céline Gaugain

Through years of travel and diverse encounters in Latin America and the United States, Céline learned to listen not only to the world around her, but also to her own personal world; most significantly she discovered the practice of Yoga.

Along her journey, she followed the teachings of various instructors, and through this work was able to greatly enrich her practice and her approach to Yoga. For a time, she lived in an Eco Yoga Village in the Pampas of Argentina where she stayed on as a volunteer while further developing her physical practice and study of yogic philosophy. It was at this time that Yoga came to truly mean something to her: she was becoming fully aware of her body and the energy that travels through it.
She therefore decided to leave for India to discover the roots of the practice. There she began with teacher trainings in Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

Upon her return to Paris (her adopted city, which she had left to travel abroad), she discovered the precise and transformative practice of Ashtanga at Ashtanga Yoga Paris. She fell in love with the teaching and decided to follow the 200H teacher training with Gérald and Linda in the summer of 2018.

Céline is forever grateful to those who have accompanied her on the never-ending road of Yoga. Alongside her yoga practice, Céline also continues to work in naturopathy and foot reflexology, which she considers to be complementary tools for sustained well-being and a healthy life. She is very happy for the chance to continue sharing and learning within this community of teachers and students that make Ashtanga Yoga Paris.

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