Camille Kemache

Camille Kemache

I discovered yoga at the age of 12 while studying classical and contemporary dance in the United States. We only ever practiced sun salutations, and although I couldn’t yet perceive the benefits of the rigor required, a new discipline and patience began to took root in me.

Some years later, I joined a dance company that offered Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in the evenings. I immediately enjoyed these new sequences of yoga poses: an exercise for both mental and physical flexibility! Through yoga, this body-mind harmony has been more clearly revealed to me. Dance taught me graceful control and yoga brought me closer to the discipline of letting go and acceptance.

On my return to France, I decided to pursue another form of art. I am currently studying design and yoga is what allows me to find balance and perspective in my life. To deepen my knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga, I took the Teacher Training with Linda Munro and Gerald Disse in 2016.

A true meditation in motion, yoga brings us closer, not only to our own essence, but also to that of others. It is this humanity that I seek by practicing yoga and also that which I would like to transmit by teaching. How lucky to be able to achieve this surrounded by teachers and enthusiastic, open-minded students!

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