Weekend Workshop with Ron Reid & Marla Meenakshi Joy

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Between the Earth and the Sky:
Grounding your asanas to take flight!

with Ron Reid & Marla Meenakshi Joy
October 23 – 25, 2020.

Ron and Marla are back in Paris for an all-levels weekend workshop as well as a Second Series Teacher Training.
Both courses are compatible with our 300-hour flexible Teacher Training


6:30 – 8:30 pm  Healing Mantras
Explore the “sankalpa” or inner intention of chanting, for health, healing and rejuvenation for yourself and/or others. In this class, we will explore ancient Sanskrit mantra formulas that help to clear our karma, working on each chakra (energy centre) to increase our overall flow through the energetic body, speeding up our healing process. For all levels of chanters… come and explore the power of inner intention through mantra therapy for health, healing and rejuvenation of the spirit, the mind and all five bodies!

10:30 am – 1:00 pm  Arm Balancing: Between the Earth and the Sky
Arm balances help us to develop the strength, stamina and focus to truly energize our practice. In this workshop we will explore the inter-connection between handstands and vinyasa, and how this connection can be explored through Surya Namaskāra A and B (Sun Salutations). From Sun Salutations, we will embrace the work in more exhilarating poses such as handstands, and forearm balances while making a shift towards a stronger, healthier, more confident and more stable experience in our practice.

2:00 – 4:30 pm  Vinyasa Jumping: Leap of Faith
This class will focus on the movements (vinyasa) that connect one pose to the next. As our practice continues to evolve, we will find ourselves at moments that may require us to “lift” or “take a leap!” While this might mean leaving our comfort zone, which can be scary, it can also be quite exhilarating. Calculating risk becomes an essential component of our practice repertoire. We will explore how to carry the weight effectively through the shoulders and arms. This class is about managing those risks and knowing when to take the leap. (For all levels… props will be utilized!)

10:30 am – 1:00 pm  Backbends: Coming Full Circle
In order to liberate our energy in backbends, we first need to discover ways of working that allow us to find balance through the whole body. This requires stabilizing and strengthening in some areas and extending and opening other areas. Ūrdhva Dhanurāsana is a challenging pose but it can also liberate our energy in a profound way. It’s a journey that can eventually lead to standing up and dropping back by seamlessly balancing and then mobilizing all of our physical resources. 

2:00 – 4:30 pm  Pranayama: Every Breath You Take, Breathe and Restore!
Pranayama is an ancient practice in yoga that allows us to access our energy bodies through various breathing techniques. Pranayama is the vital link between the body, the mind, the emotions, and the metaphysical or spiritual realm. It is an essential tool to restore vitality and create greater spiritual awareness. In this class we will explore how pranayama can guide our “inner voyage” towards Self- discovery. To help still and calm the energy in the nervous system, we will begin with a restorative yoga practice, which will flow into our pranayama practice, balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and ending in a state of Supreme relaxation and Self-awareness.


Early Registration (before August 1st, 2020)
– Full weekend (5 sessions): €235
– Individual session: €50

Normal Registration (after August 1st, 2020)
– Full weekend (5 sessions): €250
– Individual session: €55

Priority goes to those signing up for the whole workshop.


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Payments of 25 euros or less are non-refundable.
An admin fee of 25 euros will be deducted for cancellations made more than 21 days before the workshop.
Only half of the sum paid will be returned for cancellations made 8 to 20 days before the workshop.
Sum paid is non-refundable 7 days before the workshop.
We don’t accept transferring of a paid reservation to another person after 2 weeks before the workshop.
We advise to those coming from out of Paris to purchase travel insurance as travel issues will not change this policy. Medical issues will also not change this policy.
As the teacher is confirming their presence and is guaranteed the amount of people who are attending 21 days before, we ask for your understanding of this policy.


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