Intro to Mysore style Ashtanga

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Intro to Mysore style Ashtanga
with Jinjur van Vogelpoel
Mondays, 8:00 – 9:15 am
from May 28th to June 27th, 2018

It is an unique opportunity for those that would like to integrate the Mysore style to their Ashtanga Practice.

During this intro we twill learn the keys of the Mysore practice, a version of the Ashtanga Yoga that aims towards cultivating a life-long-self-practice and commitment with yourself! In this workshop you will be taught the tools to start coming to the Mysore practices.

We will demystify the process and help you to understand that the Mysore practice is for EVERYONE – beginners, advanced, young, old, those with injuries, those in perfect health… all will benefit.

What is Mysore Practice?

Mysore refers to the traditional way of learning ashtanga yoga as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. In a Mysore class students do their own practice while given individual instructions and hands on adjustments from the teacher. The student is required to memorize the sequence and over time poses will be added according to your ability, pace and body. You work closely with the teacher to develop your own practice. How far you go in the sequence is adapted to your own body, and the pace of the practice is decided by your breathing pattern.

It is only by self-practice that you progress deeper into the system of Ashtanga Yoga. By learning to listen to, and move in synchronicity with your own breath, you begin to draw in the senses and bring about a deeper sense of awareness. In this way your yoga practice will in time become like a moving meditation. Having your own practice is an invaluable tool that you will always be able to use whether you practice in a Mysore class, at home or when traveling.

Why bother memorizing the practice?

The main benefit of this is that you start to bring the senses and the mind inwards. When taking led yoga classes the mind needs to stay outward, concentrating on the instructions of the teacher. Once you know the asanas you can bring the mind inwards concentrating on the inner workings of the body and the breath more deeply and observing the quality of the mind. What’s happening there? The next main benefit we see is that it gives the opportunity to have each individual work where each individual is; following his/her own breathing rhythm rather than following a guided class which has to take into consideration the needs of the entire group.

Another of the many benefits is bringing the mind directly into your practice. Yoga technically means Union; some of the things we are aiming to unite are the body, breath and mind. Memorizing is a healthy activity for the mind and connecting the mind to the inner workings of the breath and body lead to awareness and mindfulness in all aspects of your life.

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€80 (or 7 crosses on a valid class card).
€50 for those participating in the Mysore Challenge
or those with 6-months or 1-year unlimited pass

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€23 (or 2 crosses on a valid class card).
€15 for those participating in the Mysore Challenge
or those with 6-months or 1-year unlimited pass


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